H.265 High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Advantages vs. H.264:

  • Enhanced Video Quality
  • Superior Dynamic Range
  • 50% Less Bandwidth
  • 50% Less Storage
  • 50% Lower Bitrate
In conjunction with the state-of-the-art advantages of HEVC Aventura has added a litany of enhanced features which raise the bar to which the competition aspires.
    • Scene Content Management: Aventura’s advanced imaging technology allows for minimizing compression in active areas within the scene and maximizing in peripheral areas where activity is low and/or insignificant


    • Scalable Image Processing: Extensibility in encoding is possible based upon time, space and quality. Decoded video can be produced with various frame rates, resolution and quality. Aventura’s implementation of temporal and spatial scaling efficiencies is an extension of the native codec algorithm


    • Triple Independent Streams: Multiple simultaneous streaming efficiencies are a direct result of Aventura’s enhancement of scalable processing. Three unique transmissions provides for controlled access for a variety of network operating environment from LAN/WAN to mobile devices.


    • 3D Digital Noise Reduction: Image noise is a common occurrence in low light conditions when using megapixel sensors, which lack sensitivity. Aventura’s implementation of 3D Digital Noise Reduction minimizes noise resulting in a clearer and sharper image with distinctly smooth edges


    • Enhanced Wide Dynamic Range: Security cameras are often plagued with challenging lighting conditions between shadows and dim foregrounds against bright backgrounds. The result is often foreground images with dark obscured detail. Aventura’s Enhanced Wide Dynamic Range processes images on a pixel-by-pixel basis providing crisp images across the entire scene


    • Adaptive Infrared Illumination: The majority of CCTV camera infrared illuminators are “unsophisticated.” Exposure levels and angle of illumination are fixed often resulting in close up image overexposure. Adaptive Infrared Illumination by Aventura adjusts the IR to the scene accordingly providing accurate and detailed night images


    • Low Latency: One of the exacerbating effects of legacy image compression is significant latency. Live management becomes a challenge with delays of pan, tilt and zoom control. Next generation processors utilized by Aventura have the requisite power to reduce latency to as little as 100 milliseconds


  • Multicast: Up to 20 simultaneous client connections are possible without the requirement for a load balancing server. Aventura has accomplished the task by leveraging the capabilities of advanced processing in conjunction with the benefits of scalable coding
  • Support Up To 35 Megapixels
  • Improved Noise Levels
  • Improved Color Spaces

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